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Putty and Spackling Efficient System

The Hawkmate is a plasterer’s tool that innovatively holds
putty and spackling knives and plaster spreaders on its
underside for quick and efficient retrieval. The Hawkmate’s
patented technology is proven to save time and money by
keeping knives at a pasterer’s finger tips. The Hawkmate
not only protects plastering tools themselves from chipping,
but keeps these tools out of pant pockets and prevents
doors and walls from being scraped.


• Reasonably priced tool that pays for itself in 1 hour of work
• Made of lightweight Aluminum that is both strong & durable
• The Hawkmate is convenient as it just attaches to the existing hawk
• Speeds up the work by allowing a plasterer to have multiple spackle
knives in an accesible location
• Will keep walls looking like new by eliminating scrapes
• Eliminates the need to carry knives in pockets, which can improve safety
• Keeps tools in good condition by having a storage area that will protect
each knife

Hawkmate Spackling Tool System
Plastering & Spackling Tool

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